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Like Suffolk County, evicting a tenant in Nassau County can be a complicated matter, and if any mistakes are made, chances are they will result in your petition being dismissed, and the tenant being allowed to remain in possession of the apartment. As such, if you are a landlord looking to evict your tenant in Nassau County, New York, the first step I would recommend is that you call an eviction lawyer that regularly practices in Nassau County for a consultation. Our firm happens to offer free telephone consultations to Nassau County landlords. During this consultation, the attorney you speak with will help you decide whether you need to bring a non-payment proceeding or a hold-over proceeding to remove your tenant, and can help determine if there are any notices required by law that may have to be served before you initiate an eviction proceeding to remove your tenant.

Once you know the type of proceeding you want to initiate, and you know the predicate notices that must be served and when they must be served by, you can then file your eviction proceeding. In Nassau County, all the outlying districts have, several years ago, closed their courthouses and have consolidated in the courthouse of the First District Court of Nassau County, located at 99 Main Street in Hempstead. It is in one of the two the Landlord-Tenant Parts of that courthouse that most eviction actions in Nassau County are heard. If you have any questions about eviction proceedings in Nassau County, feel free to contact us for your free consultation.

James D. Murtha, Esq.

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I am a Managing Member at the Murtha Law Firm, LLC, and I am an eviction lawyer in Suffolk County and Nassau County, Long Island, New York. You can call me, right now at (631) 747-0356, and I'll be happy to speak with you for free about the New York eviction process.

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