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The length of time it takes to evict a tenant in Suffolk County or Nassau County, New York, depends on several factors, including the type of eviction proceeding and the venue the proceeding is filed in. In Nassau County, it could take 45 days or more from the date the action is commenced. In Western Suffolk County, it generally takes about 30 days. In Eastern Suffolk, it could take less than 30 days. The general rule is that the closer the venue is to New York City, the longer the action takes. And generally, hold-over proceedings take longer than non-payment proceedings, because predicate notices typically must be served on the tenants before the action can be commenced.

James D. Murtha, Esq.

Author James D. Murtha, Esq.

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  • Jeff Lavin says:

    I have lived in the same apartment for 22 years and I have always been a good tenant. And always paid my rent on time. I shared the apt with someone else who moved out. The landlord interviewed a couple of people and then decided she didn’t want two people in the apartment
    So I asked her how much money would it be if I rented the whole apartment. She gave me a price and I said I would like to have it by myself. That was two and a half years ago. Now she said she’s going to raise the rent a hundred and fifty dollars a month. For all of the past rental increases, it was forty or fifty dollars. Now she said she won’t one hundred and fifty dollars increase. Is that legal or illegal.

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